Increase Your Patient Retention With These 3 Techniques

Getting patients into your dental practice may be going well. But how do you keep those patients coming back for regular checkups and cleanings? We’ve researched some of our highest growing clients and summarized the techniques fast growing dental clinics are using to retain patients.

The more new patients your practice acquires, the faster your dental practice will grow. At least, this is what many dentists expect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. A competent patient acquisition strategy might bring patients through the door, but your business will suffer if these patients don’t keep coming back year after year.

If your clinic is struggling with patient retention using these following techniques will boost your monthly bookings without spending a fortune on marketing.

Think about the patient experience

Seven in 10 Americans feel rushed daily and believe they don’t have enough time to do the things they want to do. Therefore every appointment at your office means your patient is prioritizing time with you over something else important to them. If they feel like they’ve wasted their time after a visit, it’s unlikely they’ll return.

How can you make your practice convenient and your appointments more valuable?

• When choosing a location for a new clinic prioritize the availability of close free parking and proximity to a major roadway.

• Give patients 24/7 access to important information. Create a contact form on your website, or a live chat function front office staff can use to speak directly to potential patients. Provide a patient portal that gives patients the ability to schedule appointments, provide insurance information, and the ability to view statements and pay balances.

• Reduce waiting room times: Prioritize moving patients from waiting rooms to chairs as efficiently as possible, if a delay takes place, apologize to those in the waiting room. An patient portal integrated with your dental practice management software will help reduce these delays.


• Implement and enforce policies that ensure phones are answered promptly, phone calls sent to voicemail are lost opportunities for revenue and appointment requests that went unanswered.

• Ensure your staff are adequately trained on scheduling, have correct answers to typical patient questions, and billing questions. Patients expect accurate answers to questions over the phone.

• Consider your office hours outside the 9-5 Monday - Friday standard. Working professionals often find it easier to make appointments outside regular business hours. Either move your hours later in the day or consider changing the days of the week your office is open. Monday’s and Tuesdays are the hardest to book but Saturdays and Sundays can be quite busy. As an aside, your employees will appreciate the availability of services during days off.

• Ensure your practice has a responsive and fast website thats compatible with mobile devices. As the majority of internet traffic is mobile today there's no reason to maintain a site that's not mobile optimized.

• Provide free high speed Wi-Fi, this allows people to check their email and watch video while in your waiting room. Place wifi access information on the waiting room wall and any tables.

Show patients you care

By the time you see patients, they’ve already been in your office for a few minutes and had contact with your employees. They’ve already formed opinions about your firm based on the quality and features of the waiting room. Design your waiting room so that patients are comfortable and know they’re being appreciated for their time. Provide water gum table mounted games for small children.

Treat patients like you would a house guest


One of the most common complaints about modern medical care is being treated like a number. People often complain about doctors and dentists rushing through exams, diagnosing, and recommended treatments without actually listening to patients’ concerns. When a patient is explaining a problem to you, give the person your undivided attention, make a note of it, and follow up on their next check-up. Even if the person’s concerns are baseless, respond and discuss.

Let patients know they’re heard and remembered.

A few extra minutes spent with a patient can make a big difference. However, making the patient the center of your attention during the appointment can make an even bigger difference. Avoid side conversations during treatment. If you’re discussing a supply order with your assistant, the patient may feel like you’re not paying attention to the treatment you’re providing.

Stay in touch

Communication is the foundation of any good relationship, including the doctor-patient relationship. This starts in your office, but should not end there. If you’re trying to build a loyal friendship or business relationship, you probably don’t wait for the other person to contact you every time. The same applies to your patients.

Here’s some expert tips on keeping in touch with your patients:

• Making your website useful—Pay attention to the most commonly asked questions and most misunderstood oral health issues. Provide educational articles, videos, and images that make your website a trusted reference and exhibit your expertise.

• Get social—Your practice should be active on popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Encourage your patients to follow you and post content thats relevant to dentistry but also popular with followers. This humanizes your practice and helps to build an individual relationship with patients easing their fears.

• Start a newsletter—Email marketing in the health-care industry has an average open rate of 20%! Meaning that one in five subscribers will see your message. Use your email list as an opportunity to deliver promotional content, office updates, educational information, and special offers right to their inboxes.

• Follow up after treatment—Give the patient a call the day after a major procedure to ask how they’re feeling. This helps build your relationship with your patients and if the person is not happy, you have the opportunity to correct the problem promptly before you lose a patient and gain a bad review.


• Send seasonal greetings—Birthdays (available on patient id’s) and national holidays provide a great opportunity to email patients, demonstrating that you care, and add a bit of promotion. Send an ecard or physical card with a limited-time discount coupon for teeth whitening, or remind your patients about expiring insurance while wishing them a happy New Year.

When you think of growing your practice, you may think of initial patient acquisition. But according to the American Dental Association, retention of new patients averages a fairly low 41%, by focusing on building patient loyalty your practice will grow dramatically.

iDentalSoft Version 8: Multi-Treatment Proposal Support & Patient Billing Now Available!


iDentalSoft V8 brings increased functionality and feature improvements geared toward streamlined claims processing, improved treatment functionality, and a cohesive patient intake and billing experience.

No action is necessary for you to start experiencing the increased functionality of iDentalSoft V8. The iDentalsoft team will take care of everything over the course of this month so expect your office to function normally and you to start noticing some of the features listed below.

New Features:

Patient Portal Online Bill Pay:

Patients can now remit payments directly to your clinic via the Patient Portal. (Requires an account). This self-service billing, when combined with automated SMS and Email alerts, means you collect copays more often with fewer calls.

Linked Billing Transactions:

The billing ledger now shows associated claims and treatments for any outstanding balances and payments. Just click on the ledger line item in question, and you'll be able to view related treatments and claims instantly.

Support for Account Aging:

Provide patients with what their current coverage remaining balance is. Offices can now use these insights to prioritize patient care before coverage expiration while providing patients more transparency around out of pocket costs.

EClaim To ADA Conversion:

Quickly convert eClaims to ADA format for printing with just one click.

Automatic Statement Records:

Each time a billing statement is printed two digital records are created. One is accessible for reference in the patient ledger and the other is available via the patient document center. That way everyone's on the same page regarding the status of payments and balances!

Multi-Treatment Proposal Support:

Starting now, you can show patients various treatment options for complicated or out-of-pocket procedures. You’re able to start tracking proposal status (accepted, rejected, follow up, etc) for record keeping and review.

Multiple Insurance Provider Support:

Add as many insurance providers to a patient record as your front office can get details for. Easily tag medical and dental providers separately to maximize patient coverage and reduce copays.

Feature Improvements:

Updated Patient Portal

The Patient Portal has been streamlined with high-resolution graphics, user-friendly messaging, and is fully functional on both mobile and tablet devices. You’ll love the way it looks!

Coverage Provider Sorting

Any outstanding claims or patient encounter records are now viewable by coverage provider in the billing and patient encounter portals. This is a huge improvement for office staff working to close the books end of month!

We’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to learn more about iDentalSoft V8 or are interested in configuring some of our expanded billing functionality, simply reach out to

New to iDentalSoft? Book a live demo

iDentalSoft v7 Release: Improved Charting, Auto/Multi-Codes, Imaging

Congratulations to all our customers! You're about to get a free upgrade to the newest version of iDentalSoft with enhancements to make your software even better (and easier to use). 

Treatment Area and Tooth Chart

Updates have been made in the treatment area to make the screens and graphics more functional and aesthetically pleasing. You'll see more realistic tooth graphics and both the maxillary and mandibular arches in a single view. 

updated odontogram.png

You can now enjoy this full display of the tooth chart in both the treatment area and in tooth notes. Click the button below to see an overview of the improved treatment view.

Categorize Your Auto-Codes and Multi-Codes 


You now have an ability to categorize your Auto-Codes and Multi-Codes to make them easier to navigate for your staff. Categorize by specialty, by provider, or any other attribute you choose.




Imaging Just Got Easier

We enhanced our imaging features with new capabilities like continuous TWAIN capture, auto-rotation, and the ability to tag and categorize your images.


We'll have more updates and improvements coming soon, so stay tuned. And thanks for choosing iDentalSoft!

iDentalSoft Raises Funding to Expand Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Technology

iDentalSoft, a leading cloud-based dental practice management platform, today announced it has received a new round of funding led by FCA Venture Partners. Based in Nashville, FCA Venture Partners invests in fast-growing healthcare companies that streamline industry processes and improve the experience and quality of care for patients.

The overwhelming majority of dental practices rely on server-side software architectures that are expensive to maintain, cumbersome to use, and slow to update. iDentalSoft enables dentists to easily transition from legacy on-premise servers to modern cloud-based software and reduce the burden and costs of IT.

iDentalSoft is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and secure dental practice management platform on the market today, with a wide array of features to streamline front office workflow, improve clinical efficiency, and boost production. Office staff can access and manage practice information anytime, anywhere and on any device, including patient schedules and communication, treatment plans, x-rays, lab cases, billing and credit card payments, and more.

“What really excited us about iDentalSoft was the maturity of their product and the strength of their management team,” said Matt King, co-managing partner of FCA Venture Partners. “Customers rave about the platform’s ease of use, but we were surprised to learn that features native to iDentalSoft, like patient communications, reputation management, and native imaging represent point solutions that dentists pay for separately from different vendors. There’s tremendous savings and operational efficiency that is unlocked with iDentalSoft’s all-in-one solution.”

“Dentists are beginning to recognize the inherent advantages of moving to the cloud, but the industry is still in early stages of transition from server-side to cloud-based software,” says Scott Osler, iDentalSoft’s Chief Growth Officer. “Top dentists around the country are choosing iDentalSoft because we have an all-in-one platform that simplifies their lives and accelerates revenue and productivity. We’re thrilled to partner with FCA Venture Partners. With their investment, we have the resources necessary to grow our Kansas City-based sales team and further innovate our platform with key features that will benefit our growing client base.”

About iDentalSoft: 
iDentalSoft is the leading cloud-based dental practice management solution that enables any sized dental practice to reduce IT costs, operate more efficiently, and improve the patient experience. The platform’s comprehensive feature-set includes online patient portals, electronic patient communications, HIPAA secure email attachments, native imaging, online bill pay, employee management, lab case tracking, treatment planning, insurance eligibility, eClaims, reporting, reputation management, and more. The company was founded in 2010 with offices in Milpitas, CA and Overland Park, KS. For more information, visit

About FCA Venture Partners: 
Founded in 1996, FCA Venture Partners has a long history of investing in successful healthcare entrepreneurs. The firm is passionate about building sustainable businesses and providing strategic value to their portfolio companies. FCA invests $3-6M in fast growing healthcare companies making processes in the industry faster, better, and cheaper while improving the quality of care and the patient experience. With its location in Nashville, roots with Clayton Associates and the McWhorter Family, and deep involvement in the growth of the U.S. healthcare community, FCA Venture Partners is poised to take advantage of disruptive opportunities that help move healthcare forward. For more information, visit

New features available in our Q1 Release!


You asked and we listened! After hundreds of conversations with our valued customers, we've been hard at work converting client feedback into product enhancements and new features. 

New Features

  • Payment Plans. Improve treatment acceptance rates and boost production by offering patients flexible, recurring monthly payment plans for their treatments.  
  • Patient Online Self-Pay. Decrease your accounts receivable by allowing your patients to pay their invoices online, anytime.   
  • Lab Tracking. Track lab cases from sent to received to invoiced and sync lab statuses directly with patient records and scheduling activity. 
  • Statements by Mail. Automatically send statements by postal mail to your less tech-savvy patients. This is an enhanced integration with our partner, DentalxChange. 
  • Orthodontic Imaging. You can now capture photos and save them in a standard orthodontic mount, including composites of extraoral, intraoral and occlusal photos. 
  • Added Configurability. There are now more options to tailor iDentalSoft to your preferences. You can create different calendar views of selected chairs, change colors on appointment statuses, and place custom photos, logos or graphics on your patient portal. 

Enhancements to Existing Features

  • Enhanced Treatment Plan Display. Next month, we'll release massive improvements to the treatment plan area. iDentalSoft will display the upper and lower jaw in a single view and include folders to better categorize your images and auto-codes by specialty.
  • Schedule by Provider or by Room. Many of our customers share operatories among several providers. iDentalSoft supports scheduling appointments by provider or by chair/ room/ operatory. 
  • Bilingual Patient Portal. Spanish language is now supported for patients entering their health history with an easy toggle between English and Spanish. 
  • Mobile Carrier Lookup for Text Communications. This addition automatically detects the carrier associated with mobile phone numbers entered in the patient's record, so you won't have to ask your patients for their cellular phone provider. 

A Host of New Updates

We've been busy at iDentalsoft, and wanted to share with you some of the latest features and enhancements to our software that have been made over the last 12 months! 

  • Enhanced User Interface – Our intuitive interface has gotten even easier to use and navigate, making even difficult tasks easy.
  • CMS1500 Medical Form Submittal – Now you can submit medical claims through iDentalSoft for a higher acceptance rate and better reimbursements.
  • Email & Text Communication – Communicate with your patients more efficiently by texting or emailing them directly from their patient profile in iDentalSoft. You can also send attachments such as statements, x-rays, etc. Of course, these attachments can be secured with 2-factor authentication.
  • Secure 2 Factor Authentication Email Attachments – You can now communicate sensitive data like x-rays and treatment plans even more securely with your patients.
  • Correspondence Letters – With one click you can now send treatment correspondence letters with attachments to your referring doctors. The entire history of these communications is accessible under the patient profile. Attachments are secured with 2 factor authentication for the highest level of security for your office and patients.
  • Customizable Patient Portal – Seamlessly accept new patient registration forms and incoming appointment requests directly into iDentalSoft.
  • Electronic Signatures – Seamlessly collect electronic signatures for treatment plans and other patient documents.
  • Perio Chart Enhancements – One click converts any Perio Chart into a pdf email attachment that can be sent to any patient or referring doctor. All communications and attachments are saved under the patient file for easy record keeping and retrieval.
  • Paperless Document Center – Scan your physical documents directly to iDentalSoft for electronic storage and retrieval. Save time and money by having instant electronic access to your records.
  • HIPPA Mask View – Hide sensitive patient information on the Scheduler to keep you in compliance with HIPPA.
  • Enhanced Calendar View – See the calendar/schedule by provider, operatory, day view, week view. Find gaps in your schedule and schedule new appointments into those gaps to help you keep your chairs full 

To see a demo of these recent updates you can schedule a demo here.

Feature Update: Perio Chart, Local Image Cache, PCI Compliance & Time Clock Enhancement

iDentalSoft has been busy this month, and we’re excited to announce the features we’re enhancing to help you further streamline and secure your back office.

Perio Chart with Diagnosis

Perio Charts are a standard offering in your iDentalSoft system, and we’ve enhanced this feature to include diagnosis tools as well. You can now add overlays to show the progress occurring between patient appointments. You can also update records with voice verification input process to help make sure hygienists and other doctors can follow your records and navigate a patient’s mouth more easily. 

With just one click, you can convert any Perio Chart into a pdf email attachment for your patient or a referring doctor, and all communication and attachments will be saved within your patient’s file for easy, accurate record keeping. 
Local Cache Image
he iDentalSoft Local Cache Image enhancement ensures that you will never lose an X-Ray image if your internet connection fluctuates or goes down. Twain images are captured and cached locally on X-ray computer to ensure image is successfully captured and available, even if you’re offline. 

PCI Compliance
DentalSoft has completed updates to its system so you can process payment with confidence and be in compliance with PCI security regulations in your practice.  
Time Clock Enhancement
The iDentalSoft Time Clock feature has been enhanced to be more effective and user-friendly for your employees. Your staff can now clock in on from any work station or even enter their time on a mobile device. Time Clock now supports weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, and bi-monthly pay schedules and you can edit, print, or email timecards directly from the system. This enhancement is designed to give you more flexibility in your time clock and help your staff track their hours more efficiently.

Feature Update: iDentalSoft Document Center and Selectable PDFs

iDentalsoft is pleased to announce the great new system features that we are releasing in June!  
This month, you’ll be able to access your Document Center and use our new selectable PDF pages tool.

Document Center
The iDentalsoft Document Center gives you a secure place to store patient records, scans, and reports without having to spend time making paper copies and filing them away in a cabinet. Instead, you can use this feature to scan documents directly into the system, or even upload them from your tablet to your iDentalSoft system. 

Eliminate Paper files with the iDentalSoft Document Center

Eliminate Paper files with the iDentalSoft Document Center

Document Center also makes it easy for you access your important records and documents no matter where you or your office staff are-office, home, or even from a mobile device. You can upload and share documents as well, so that you can communicate with your employees and other dental professionals, no matter where they are located.  

Selectable PDF Pages

This month, we’re also releasing our selectable PDF pages functionality. With this system tool, you can choose specific pages you need from a larger PDF file, and then send them to staff, patients, or other dentists for collaboration. This means you don’t have to send huge files with extraneous information or extra pages-you can just select and send the exact pages of information that you want.

Send Selective Documents Securely to your Patients

Send Selective Documents Securely to your Patients

Used together, Document Center and Selectable PDF pages will help you keep your documents organized, secure, and easier to share for giving patients information or collaborating with other dental professionals. Try out these great new features today!

Feature Update: iDentalSoft One-Click Email or Text

iDentalSoft just released a great feature that will make your communications with patients more effective, meaningful, and fast. 

Our One Click Communication feature makes your iDentalSoft solution even more effective by turning it into an efficient communication hub where you can send emails or text messages directly to your patients with just one click. 

Send Emails and Texts Directly to your Patients from iDentalSoft

Send Emails and Texts Directly to your Patients from iDentalSoft

This feature has an array of uses that will help make patient communications more efficient for you, and more convenient for your patients as well. 

Using One Click Communication, you can easily send important information or reminders directly from your system, including:

  • Patient Billing Statements
  • X-Rays
  • Reports
  • Custom Reminders
  • Medication Instructions
  • Follow-Up Care 
  • Appointment Reminders
  • And more…

This feature will save you time and make all your patient communications more efficient and convenient so you can focus on delivering excellent dental care to your patients. 

Try out One Click Communications today!

Get Yourself Out There: Smart Dental Practice Marketing Tips That Don’t Break the Bank


You have to market yourself in order to grow your business. You know that’s true. But sometimes life gets in the way and your grand plans for ad campaigns end up in the basement next to the never-used treadmill and your “I’ll start tomorrow for sure” diet.

So how can you balance the challenge of growing your business with the demands of actually running your business?

You can create a successful marketing strategy by simply making better use of the data you already have.

How many times have you explained the virtues of dental implants or answered questions about teeth whitening, only to have these expressions of patient interest lead to nowhere? What if you could easily keep track of who’s asking about, or who is in need of, what services and create targeted email blasts to reach these people? 

Get the right messages to the right people...automatically

A short, well-written, informative email message describing the benefits, risks, and costs of procedures can go a long way towards convincing a patient to schedule an appointment, especially if you include a promotional offer for the treatment. The time it takes for you to compose these messages will pay substantial dividends if you are able to send them out in an appropriately targeted way. 

This is where a powerful, comprehensive dental practice management software, like iDentalSoft, can really go to work for you. Once you’ve written your informational message, iDentalSoft can help you cull your patient list and get your message out to the right people.

  • Track patient charts to identify treatments in need of scheduling
  • Track open appointment slots and match those with outstanding treatment requirements to help you decide what topics to write about in your email blasts
  • Generate and send targeted informational messages and promotions to patients who are actually in need of the services offered

sing iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you get the word out about how your practice can help patients be champions of dental hygiene, which will get more appointments on the books and more cash flowing through your practice. 

Call us at 408-627-6427 or click here to schedule a demo today.

Protect Yourself From Fraud and Embezzlement: Keep Track of Your Employees


Did you know that 60% of dentists will experience some type of fraud in their career? That means 3 out of 5 dental practices will fall victim to financial crimes. David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm, states that dentists are particularly vulnerable to attack because of how insurance claims are processed and submitted and that the vast majority will recover pennies on the dollar, if anything, from their losses.  Furthermore, the dentist, as proprietor, is liable to the insurance companies regardless of any actual complicity in the crime. 

So your best bet is to stop fraud from happening in the first place. But how?

You must be able to track and restrict everything your employees are doing, including billing, insurance form submission, and access to patient and company data.

Dental practices are often run in such a way that it’s easy for embezzlers to do their dirty work without getting caught over long periods of time. Ask yourself, can your employees access your entire pool of patient and business data, either through hard copies or through your dental practice management software? Are they submitting insurance claims by hand? Do you have any way of tracking or restricting what they’re doing that doesn’t involve you standing over their shoulders all day?

What you need is a dental practice management software system like iDentalSoft, which features multiple layers of security and allows you to restrict and track data access so that you are always on top of who is doing what and where. 

  • Role-based security: Each employee’s login can be configured to define what data it can access.
  • Location-based security: You can restrict a login’s geographic access. 
  • Device-based security: You can configure your in-office tablets to be barred from logging in to your system from other locations.
  • Printing security: Restricting the ability to generate hard copies keeps the data safely inside the system and under your control.
  • Activity logging: iDentalSoft will track each user’s activity to create an auditable trail.
  • Backup restoration restriction: Both auto and manual backups are encrypted with license keys, so they cannot be stolen and restored to any server.
  • HR Features: See at a glance who is coming in early, staying late, or skipping vacations, or letting their certifications lapse. Such suspicious behavior may be an early warning flag that could help you prevent disaster before it happens.
  • e-Claims Filing: Filing insurance claims electronically is not only easier and cheaper but also safer. You’ll have an easily trackable, searchable trail of submitted claims, making fraud much harder to hide.

iDentalSoft’s multi-layered security features make it easy for you to track and restrict data access and usage, which in turn makes it much harder for embezzlers to victimize your practice. 

Call us at 408-627-6427 or click here to schedule a demo today.

iDentalSoft New Feature Highlight: Reputation Management


Managing patient reviews is crucial to ensuring patient satisfaction and growing your business.

You don’t need a full-time social media consultant to take advantage of the business-building opportunities afforded by a dynamic online presence. With iDentalSoft’s built-in Reputation Management module, you can easily put your patients to work for you!

  • See and address any patient concerns
  • Publish patient comments to help attract new business

Private vs Public Clouds: Why You Need to Keep Your Data Away from “Large Target” Shared Databases


You’ve probably read about big companies like Target or Anthem getting hacked. You may even have been personally affected by these security breaches if your personal information was in these databases. Stories like these may be why you’ve been afraid to move your dental practice data to the cloud. 

Big pools of data like those stored in public cloud databases are appealing targets for both hackers and the government.

Most cloud-based dental practice management software systems will pool your data with that of their other clients to reduce hosting costs. This is called a public cloud hosting scenario and it poses several intrinsic security risks.

First, the larger the pool of data, the more appealing it is to both criminals and the government, both of whom have limited resources.  Why go to all that effort to either hack or monitor only a small amount of information? 

Second, suppose another dental practice with whom you are sharing a cloud database becomes the target of an IRS or criminal inquiry. Armed with subpoenas, the government will gain access to the entire database in which the target company’s information is stored, making it possible for your data to fall under scrutiny in the course of the investigation as well. 

Third, residual data will remain on a shared database even if you discontinue using the service. This is because hosting companies do not get rid of a server just because one client isn’t using their part of it anymore. So your data may be deleted after you leave, but it may be later recovered.

A private cloud database contains only your information in a segregated piece of hardware that can be under your both your electronic and physical control.

You want all the advantages of the cloud: remote, anytime access, automatic, encrypted, and redundant backups, reduced IT costs, and easy setup and maintenance among multiple locations. You just don’t want the security risks of having your data pooled with that of other dental practices, or any other companies, and out of your personal control.  

It is your responsibility to be HIPAA-compliant by keeping your patients’ medical records and personal information safe. 

HIPAA doesn’t care that locking your file cabinets at night used to be good enough. It’s 2016 and HIPAA expects the patient data under your control to be professionally secured from loss or theft. 

You need a powerful dental practice management system like iDentalSoft that uses a private cloud data storage system to help you maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations for patient data storage and to safeguard your data from government monitoring and criminal hacks.

  • utomatic, encrypted, and redundant backups
  • Data stored in a private cloud database for complete seclusion, impervious to any attack

A private cloud system gives you the best of all worlds: security, control, and freedom.

With iDentalSoft’s industry-first private cloud storage database system, your data is completely organized, totally secure, always accessible, and entirely under your control. 

Call us at 408-627-6427 or click here to schedule a demo today.


    Take a Break and Watch Your Profits Soar

    When was the last time you took a vacation?
    Contrary to what you may believe, your practice will not collapse in flames if you take a day off. In fact, it’s well established that some time away to clear your head is rejuvenating and ultimately beneficial to your ability to be productive at work.

    But wait, you may be thinking, how can I possibly leave when there are so many things going on that I need to monitor and make decisions about?

    You don’t need to be chained to a desk to be in control of your practice
    Imagine having anytime, anywhere access to your entire practice, from any device.  With a complete dental practice management software solution like iDentalSoft, you can do so much more than just see the day’s schedule from your phone.

    • Instantly pull up patient charts, treatment plans, and images, allowing you to easily weigh in on emergent situations.
    • Enter treatment and after-care notes and directions while on the go
    • Generate summary reports so you can see how your business is doing from the comfort of home...or wherever you are
    • Use comprehensive HR management tools to keep track of your employees’ hours, vacations, and certifications so you know who’s manning the decks while you’re away

    Your practice doesn’t need to take a break just because you do
    Using iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will allow your practice to keep running smoothly and the cash to keep flowing in even while you’re away.

    Call us at 408-627-6427 or click here to schedule a demo today.

    iDentalSoft New Feature Highlight: Patient Portal


    Better access for your patients, less work for you and your staff!

    Save time on patient administration and keep your patients happy by letting them request appointments, register and sign consents, and make payments at their convenience through our secure Patient Portal.

    • Native function, so no need to share data with an unsecured third-party program.
    • Data is received through an encrypted one-way submission process

    Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Making Your Employees’ Jobs Easier Will Make Your Practice More Profitable

    You can increase your profits by improving productivity, reducing waste, and working more efficiently. Increasing the efficiency of how you run your practice will have a direct, meaningful, and immediate impact on your bottom line.

    But what can you do to make your practice run more efficiently? 

    Automate rote, repetitive tasks
    Think about all the dreary, repetitive, time-sucking tasks your staff have to perform in order to keep your practice running smoothly.

    Perhaps your office manager keeps a written ledger of patients who need follow-up care. Then every day, someone has to review that ledger and make phone calls or write emails to try and schedule return visits for those patients. Or maybe someone is spending time each day combing through the schedule, looking for gaps that need filling, and then trying to fill those gaps with the right appointments. Allowing time for these tasks to be accomplished means either more wait time for your patients, and fewer patients seen per day, or hiring more staff. Either way, that is alot of money out of your pocket.

    You need a powerful practice management system, like iDentalSoft, that can automate these tasks for you:

    • Generate and send out email reminders and recall notices
    • Generate a list of patients who are due for treatment
    • Identify gaps in the schedule
    • Send targeted, treatment-specific marketing messages and promotions so the right patients are getting the right push to make an appointment

    This will free you and your staff to focus on generating new business and improving the quality of your patient care.

    Stop wasting time and resources on printers and filing
    How much money do you spend in a year on printer paper and toner? How much time do you spend setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting printers around the office? Whose unhappy job is it to be constantly filing and retrieving those folders full of paper?

    Running a paperless office can dramatically reduce those costs and hassles, saving you money and time, and it’s easier to achieve than you might think. 

    The key is to have a comprehensive, fully integrated practice management system like iDentalSoft to easily and securely wrangle all your data so that it’s always accessible and always secure.

    • Scan old paper charts and attach directly to patient’s digital chart, so all pertinent information is always handy
    • Be HIPAA compliant with how you handle your patient data: storing it in a secure, encrypted way online is much safer than having paper files in your office
    • Automatically generate and email patient bills and receipts. Most patients prefer to receive their bills and receipts electronically, and doing so reduces your overhead materials costs and saves your staff loads of time.
    • File claims electronically: automatically generate and submit claims. It’s faster, easier, and cheaper than doing it by hand.

    Using iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you run your practice more efficiently, thus improving productivity, reducing waste, and increasing profits.

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    Boost Your Revenues by Keeping Your Patients Happy and Your Schedule Full: How to Turn Delinquent Flossers into Champions of Dental Hygiene


    It’s actually counterintuitive that encouraging your patients to practice better dental hygiene would be good for your business. Shouldn’t you hope they never floss, and then develop all sorts of problems that they then have to come to you and fix?

    Not at all! The reality is that your best, most lucrative customer is the one who cares about maintaining his oral health and trusts you, his dentist, to help him do that. 

    Keep your chairs full and your profits up

    No one likes going to the dentist. That’s the cold, hard truth. So it’s up to you to convince your patients that by scheduling regular cleanings and taking care of their teeth they can actually avoid bigger problems down the road.

    Establishing this type of regular routine and regimen with your patients affords you excellent in-person opportunities to talk them about elective services such as whitening or straightening, and to educate them on the benefits of preventative procedures such as wisdom tooth removal. 

    Get the right messages to the right people...automatically

    You don’t have time to pore over your schedule or sift through patient charts to find out who’s due for a cleaning or whose wisdom teeth are ticking time bombs, and neither does your staff.

    You need a powerful, comprehensive dental practice management software, like iDentalSoft, to do that work for you.

    • Track patient charts to identify treatments in need of scheduling
    • Generate notices and reminders for patients to make appointments
    • Send birthday and well wishes to patients to build rapport
    • Track open appointment slots and match those with outstanding treatment requirements to make the most of your time
    • Generate and send targeted promotions so that the patients getting these messages are actually in need of the services offered

    sing iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you understand and meet the needs of your patients better, which will get more appointments on the books and more cash flowing through your practice. 

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    From Deadbeat Bill-Shirker to Prize Paid-in-Full Patient: How to Keep the Cash Flowing into Your Practice

    It doesn’t matter if your schedule is packed with big-ticket procedures if you can’t get your patients to pay their bills.  

    But with dental insurance getting harder and harder to come by, and procedure costs rising, how can you help your patients meet their financial obligations to you?

    Overdue accounts impact cash flow and strain office resources
    For simple procedures and routine cleanings, it is usually pretty straightforward to get patients to pay at the time of service. But what about for more complex treatments, whose costs run into the thousands and more? Many patients will be unable to pay such sums out of pocket all at once. They may therefore either avoid having the procedure in the first place, which means a loss of business for you, or else will allow their accounts to become delinquent, necessitating that you send out multiple payment due notices and engage in other time-sucking efforts to get paid.

    Making it easier for your patients to pay will get you paid faster and with less effort
    The best way to get paid quickly and easily is to have a dental practice management system with an integrated credit card payment option that has the capacity to set up an auto-bill payment plan, like iDentalSoft.

    • Accept credit card payments on site or online via the Patient Portal
    • Automatically generate and send patient bills
    • Payments automatically update in the system
    • Patients can log in to the Patient Portal and pay their bill whenever it’s convenient, without having to write a check and look for a stamp.
    • You can offer payment plans for the really expensive treatments, which will make patients more likely to feel they are able to get treatment to begin with, and which will ensure consistent cash flow as each installment will be auto-billed to the patient’s credit card. This way, there is no disruption due to any human-error delays in your office sending out notices or your patient forgetting to make an installment payment.

    iDentalSoft’s powerful, completely integrated system makes it easier for patients to pay you and automatically keeps track of payments and accounts so you can focus on patient care and growing your business while the cash rolls in on its own.

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    iDentalSoft New Feature Highlight: Enhanced Features for the Multi-Office Practice


    No more redundant data entry and cumbersome, out-of-sync servers for all your locations!

    Efficiently manage all of your locations from one centralized database.

    • Scalable to fit any size practice
    • Easily add an unlimited number of locations without the need for redundant data entry or a new server
    • Customizable, role-based data access
    • Generate customizable reports so you can see at a glance how each location is performing
    • Run comparative reports so you can manage your entire enterprise