Boost Your Revenues by Keeping Your Patients Happy and Your Schedule Full: How to Turn Delinquent Flossers into Champions of Dental Hygiene


It’s actually counterintuitive that encouraging your patients to practice better dental hygiene would be good for your business. Shouldn’t you hope they never floss, and then develop all sorts of problems that they then have to come to you and fix?

Not at all! The reality is that your best, most lucrative customer is the one who cares about maintaining his oral health and trusts you, his dentist, to help him do that. 

Keep your chairs full and your profits up

No one likes going to the dentist. That’s the cold, hard truth. So it’s up to you to convince your patients that by scheduling regular cleanings and taking care of their teeth they can actually avoid bigger problems down the road.

Establishing this type of regular routine and regimen with your patients affords you excellent in-person opportunities to talk them about elective services such as whitening or straightening, and to educate them on the benefits of preventative procedures such as wisdom tooth removal. 

Get the right messages to the right people...automatically

You don’t have time to pore over your schedule or sift through patient charts to find out who’s due for a cleaning or whose wisdom teeth are ticking time bombs, and neither does your staff.

You need a powerful, comprehensive dental practice management software, like iDentalSoft, to do that work for you.

  • Track patient charts to identify treatments in need of scheduling
  • Generate notices and reminders for patients to make appointments
  • Send birthday and well wishes to patients to build rapport
  • Track open appointment slots and match those with outstanding treatment requirements to make the most of your time
  • Generate and send targeted promotions so that the patients getting these messages are actually in need of the services offered

sing iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you understand and meet the needs of your patients better, which will get more appointments on the books and more cash flowing through your practice. 

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