Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Making Your Employees’ Jobs Easier Will Make Your Practice More Profitable

You can increase your profits by improving productivity, reducing waste, and working more efficiently. Increasing the efficiency of how you run your practice will have a direct, meaningful, and immediate impact on your bottom line.

But what can you do to make your practice run more efficiently? 

Automate rote, repetitive tasks
Think about all the dreary, repetitive, time-sucking tasks your staff have to perform in order to keep your practice running smoothly.

Perhaps your office manager keeps a written ledger of patients who need follow-up care. Then every day, someone has to review that ledger and make phone calls or write emails to try and schedule return visits for those patients. Or maybe someone is spending time each day combing through the schedule, looking for gaps that need filling, and then trying to fill those gaps with the right appointments. Allowing time for these tasks to be accomplished means either more wait time for your patients, and fewer patients seen per day, or hiring more staff. Either way, that is alot of money out of your pocket.

You need a powerful practice management system, like iDentalSoft, that can automate these tasks for you:

  • Generate and send out email reminders and recall notices
  • Generate a list of patients who are due for treatment
  • Identify gaps in the schedule
  • Send targeted, treatment-specific marketing messages and promotions so the right patients are getting the right push to make an appointment

This will free you and your staff to focus on generating new business and improving the quality of your patient care.

Stop wasting time and resources on printers and filing
How much money do you spend in a year on printer paper and toner? How much time do you spend setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting printers around the office? Whose unhappy job is it to be constantly filing and retrieving those folders full of paper?

Running a paperless office can dramatically reduce those costs and hassles, saving you money and time, and it’s easier to achieve than you might think. 

The key is to have a comprehensive, fully integrated practice management system like iDentalSoft to easily and securely wrangle all your data so that it’s always accessible and always secure.

  • Scan old paper charts and attach directly to patient’s digital chart, so all pertinent information is always handy
  • Be HIPAA compliant with how you handle your patient data: storing it in a secure, encrypted way online is much safer than having paper files in your office
  • Automatically generate and email patient bills and receipts. Most patients prefer to receive their bills and receipts electronically, and doing so reduces your overhead materials costs and saves your staff loads of time.
  • File claims electronically: automatically generate and submit claims. It’s faster, easier, and cheaper than doing it by hand.

Using iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you run your practice more efficiently, thus improving productivity, reducing waste, and increasing profits.

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