From Deadbeat Bill-Shirker to Prize Paid-in-Full Patient: How to Keep the Cash Flowing into Your Practice

It doesn’t matter if your schedule is packed with big-ticket procedures if you can’t get your patients to pay their bills.  

But with dental insurance getting harder and harder to come by, and procedure costs rising, how can you help your patients meet their financial obligations to you?

Overdue accounts impact cash flow and strain office resources
For simple procedures and routine cleanings, it is usually pretty straightforward to get patients to pay at the time of service. But what about for more complex treatments, whose costs run into the thousands and more? Many patients will be unable to pay such sums out of pocket all at once. They may therefore either avoid having the procedure in the first place, which means a loss of business for you, or else will allow their accounts to become delinquent, necessitating that you send out multiple payment due notices and engage in other time-sucking efforts to get paid.

Making it easier for your patients to pay will get you paid faster and with less effort
The best way to get paid quickly and easily is to have a dental practice management system with an integrated credit card payment option that has the capacity to set up an auto-bill payment plan, like iDentalSoft.

  • Accept credit card payments on site or online via the Patient Portal
  • Automatically generate and send patient bills
  • Payments automatically update in the system
  • Patients can log in to the Patient Portal and pay their bill whenever it’s convenient, without having to write a check and look for a stamp.
  • You can offer payment plans for the really expensive treatments, which will make patients more likely to feel they are able to get treatment to begin with, and which will ensure consistent cash flow as each installment will be auto-billed to the patient’s credit card. This way, there is no disruption due to any human-error delays in your office sending out notices or your patient forgetting to make an installment payment.

iDentalSoft’s powerful, completely integrated system makes it easier for patients to pay you and automatically keeps track of payments and accounts so you can focus on patient care and growing your business while the cash rolls in on its own.

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