Protect Yourself From Fraud and Embezzlement: Keep Track of Your Employees


Did you know that 60% of dentists will experience some type of fraud in their career? That means 3 out of 5 dental practices will fall victim to financial crimes. David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigation firm, states that dentists are particularly vulnerable to attack because of how insurance claims are processed and submitted and that the vast majority will recover pennies on the dollar, if anything, from their losses.  Furthermore, the dentist, as proprietor, is liable to the insurance companies regardless of any actual complicity in the crime. 

So your best bet is to stop fraud from happening in the first place. But how?

You must be able to track and restrict everything your employees are doing, including billing, insurance form submission, and access to patient and company data.

Dental practices are often run in such a way that it’s easy for embezzlers to do their dirty work without getting caught over long periods of time. Ask yourself, can your employees access your entire pool of patient and business data, either through hard copies or through your dental practice management software? Are they submitting insurance claims by hand? Do you have any way of tracking or restricting what they’re doing that doesn’t involve you standing over their shoulders all day?

What you need is a dental practice management software system like iDentalSoft, which features multiple layers of security and allows you to restrict and track data access so that you are always on top of who is doing what and where. 

  • Role-based security: Each employee’s login can be configured to define what data it can access.
  • Location-based security: You can restrict a login’s geographic access. 
  • Device-based security: You can configure your in-office tablets to be barred from logging in to your system from other locations.
  • Printing security: Restricting the ability to generate hard copies keeps the data safely inside the system and under your control.
  • Activity logging: iDentalSoft will track each user’s activity to create an auditable trail.
  • Backup restoration restriction: Both auto and manual backups are encrypted with license keys, so they cannot be stolen and restored to any server.
  • HR Features: See at a glance who is coming in early, staying late, or skipping vacations, or letting their certifications lapse. Such suspicious behavior may be an early warning flag that could help you prevent disaster before it happens.
  • e-Claims Filing: Filing insurance claims electronically is not only easier and cheaper but also safer. You’ll have an easily trackable, searchable trail of submitted claims, making fraud much harder to hide.

iDentalSoft’s multi-layered security features make it easy for you to track and restrict data access and usage, which in turn makes it much harder for embezzlers to victimize your practice. 

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