Get Yourself Out There: Smart Dental Practice Marketing Tips That Don’t Break the Bank


You have to market yourself in order to grow your business. You know that’s true. But sometimes life gets in the way and your grand plans for ad campaigns end up in the basement next to the never-used treadmill and your “I’ll start tomorrow for sure” diet.

So how can you balance the challenge of growing your business with the demands of actually running your business?

You can create a successful marketing strategy by simply making better use of the data you already have.

How many times have you explained the virtues of dental implants or answered questions about teeth whitening, only to have these expressions of patient interest lead to nowhere? What if you could easily keep track of who’s asking about, or who is in need of, what services and create targeted email blasts to reach these people? 

Get the right messages to the right people...automatically

A short, well-written, informative email message describing the benefits, risks, and costs of procedures can go a long way towards convincing a patient to schedule an appointment, especially if you include a promotional offer for the treatment. The time it takes for you to compose these messages will pay substantial dividends if you are able to send them out in an appropriately targeted way. 

This is where a powerful, comprehensive dental practice management software, like iDentalSoft, can really go to work for you. Once you’ve written your informational message, iDentalSoft can help you cull your patient list and get your message out to the right people.

  • Track patient charts to identify treatments in need of scheduling
  • Track open appointment slots and match those with outstanding treatment requirements to help you decide what topics to write about in your email blasts
  • Generate and send targeted informational messages and promotions to patients who are actually in need of the services offered

sing iDentalSoft’s powerful, comprehensive automation features and availing of the security and convenience of its anytime, anywhere access will help you get the word out about how your practice can help patients be champions of dental hygiene, which will get more appointments on the books and more cash flowing through your practice. 

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