Feature Update: Perio Chart, Local Image Cache, PCI Compliance & Time Clock Enhancement

iDentalSoft has been busy this month, and we’re excited to announce the features we’re enhancing to help you further streamline and secure your back office.

Perio Chart with Diagnosis

Perio Charts are a standard offering in your iDentalSoft system, and we’ve enhanced this feature to include diagnosis tools as well. You can now add overlays to show the progress occurring between patient appointments. You can also update records with voice verification input process to help make sure hygienists and other doctors can follow your records and navigate a patient’s mouth more easily. 

With just one click, you can convert any Perio Chart into a pdf email attachment for your patient or a referring doctor, and all communication and attachments will be saved within your patient’s file for easy, accurate record keeping. 
Local Cache Image
he iDentalSoft Local Cache Image enhancement ensures that you will never lose an X-Ray image if your internet connection fluctuates or goes down. Twain images are captured and cached locally on X-ray computer to ensure image is successfully captured and available, even if you’re offline. 

PCI Compliance
DentalSoft has completed updates to its system so you can process payment with confidence and be in compliance with PCI security regulations in your practice.  
Time Clock Enhancement
The iDentalSoft Time Clock feature has been enhanced to be more effective and user-friendly for your employees. Your staff can now clock in on from any work station or even enter their time on a mobile device. Time Clock now supports weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, and bi-monthly pay schedules and you can edit, print, or email timecards directly from the system. This enhancement is designed to give you more flexibility in your time clock and help your staff track their hours more efficiently.