A Host of New Updates

We've been busy at iDentalsoft, and wanted to share with you some of the latest features and enhancements to our software that have been made over the last 12 months! 

  • Enhanced User Interface – Our intuitive interface has gotten even easier to use and navigate, making even difficult tasks easy.
  • CMS1500 Medical Form Submittal – Now you can submit medical claims through iDentalSoft for a higher acceptance rate and better reimbursements.
  • Email & Text Communication – Communicate with your patients more efficiently by texting or emailing them directly from their patient profile in iDentalSoft. You can also send attachments such as statements, x-rays, etc. Of course, these attachments can be secured with 2-factor authentication.
  • Secure 2 Factor Authentication Email Attachments – You can now communicate sensitive data like x-rays and treatment plans even more securely with your patients.
  • Correspondence Letters – With one click you can now send treatment correspondence letters with attachments to your referring doctors. The entire history of these communications is accessible under the patient profile. Attachments are secured with 2 factor authentication for the highest level of security for your office and patients.
  • Customizable Patient Portal – Seamlessly accept new patient registration forms and incoming appointment requests directly into iDentalSoft.
  • Electronic Signatures – Seamlessly collect electronic signatures for treatment plans and other patient documents.
  • Perio Chart Enhancements – One click converts any Perio Chart into a pdf email attachment that can be sent to any patient or referring doctor. All communications and attachments are saved under the patient file for easy record keeping and retrieval.
  • Paperless Document Center – Scan your physical documents directly to iDentalSoft for electronic storage and retrieval. Save time and money by having instant electronic access to your records.
  • HIPPA Mask View – Hide sensitive patient information on the Scheduler to keep you in compliance with HIPPA.
  • Enhanced Calendar View – See the calendar/schedule by provider, operatory, day view, week view. Find gaps in your schedule and schedule new appointments into those gaps to help you keep your chairs full 

To see a demo of these recent updates you can schedule a demo here.