Version 8

iDentalSoft Version 8: Multi-Treatment Proposal Support & Patient Billing Now Available!


iDentalSoft V8 brings increased functionality and feature improvements geared toward streamlined claims processing, improved treatment functionality, and a cohesive patient intake and billing experience.

No action is necessary for you to start experiencing the increased functionality of iDentalSoft V8. The iDentalsoft team will take care of everything over the course of this month so expect your office to function normally and you to start noticing some of the features listed below.

New Features:

Patient Portal Online Bill Pay:

Patients can now remit payments directly to your clinic via the Patient Portal. (Requires an account). This self-service billing, when combined with automated SMS and Email alerts, means you collect copays more often with fewer calls.

Linked Billing Transactions:

The billing ledger now shows associated claims and treatments for any outstanding balances and payments. Just click on the ledger line item in question, and you'll be able to view related treatments and claims instantly.

Support for Account Aging:

Provide patients with what their current coverage remaining balance is. Offices can now use these insights to prioritize patient care before coverage expiration while providing patients more transparency around out of pocket costs.

EClaim To ADA Conversion:

Quickly convert eClaims to ADA format for printing with just one click.

Automatic Statement Records:

Each time a billing statement is printed two digital records are created. One is accessible for reference in the patient ledger and the other is available via the patient document center. That way everyone's on the same page regarding the status of payments and balances!

Multi-Treatment Proposal Support:

Starting now, you can show patients various treatment options for complicated or out-of-pocket procedures. You’re able to start tracking proposal status (accepted, rejected, follow up, etc) for record keeping and review.

Multiple Insurance Provider Support:

Add as many insurance providers to a patient record as your front office can get details for. Easily tag medical and dental providers separately to maximize patient coverage and reduce copays.

Feature Improvements:

Updated Patient Portal

The Patient Portal has been streamlined with high-resolution graphics, user-friendly messaging, and is fully functional on both mobile and tablet devices. You’ll love the way it looks!

Coverage Provider Sorting

Any outstanding claims or patient encounter records are now viewable by coverage provider in the billing and patient encounter portals. This is a huge improvement for office staff working to close the books end of month!

We’d love to hear from you!

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