Client Configurable and Secure

Cloud software doesn't have to be one-size fits all. iDentalSoft includes hundreds of configuration options to tailor the software the unique needs and preferences of your dental practice.


Customize your Calendar 

Configure the calendar to your preferences with options to change color schemes and control what patient data to show staff on the appointment details. 


Role-based security

Create user roles (front office, provider, billing, admin) and control what features of iDentalSoft each staff member can access.  Don't want employees accessing iDentalSoft from home? No problem. You can automatically block access to employees from outside the office for extra security.


Document Management

Create templates for frequently used documents and communications such as treatment consents, treatment notes, referral letters, policy agreements, and much more.


Practice and Employee management

Manage all aspects of your practice, including schedules, available hours, insurance plans accepted, referral sources and more. You'll also have the ability to set schedules for employees and track their hours with clock-in / clock-out capabilities.  


patient Portal

Control the questions in our online patient forms and decide fields are mandatory vs. optional. You can even use custom graphics to customize the patient portal to your brand requirements. 


Third-party integrations

Pre-configured integrations allow you to quickly enable interfaces with preferred vendors for credit card processing and insurance clearinghouse services.