Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my data over to iDentalSoft from my current practice management software system?

Just send us your raw data and we will do all the migration work for you, usually in a matter of a few days. You continue to work as usual with your current system until the information transfer is complete, and then we will help you get up and running.

Can I integrate my existing radiography images into my patient files?

Yes, radiography images can be imported via iDentalSoft's integrated bridge so that all pertinent patient information is consolidated in one chart.

Can I attach scanned documents and reports to patient and employee files?

Yes you can attach any image or document to your patient and employee files.

Will I need a lot of help and training to get started with iDentalSoft?

Not at all! Our user interface is so intuitive that most of our customers report that there is virtually no learning curve at all. Chances are you will be up and running right away, with no downtime for yourself or your staff.

Does iDentalSoft keep my data safe and secure?


Yes! With our revolutionary, industry-first practice cloud system, your data is segregated and encrypted. Other cloud-based systems use shared databases to reduce hosting costs, but those leave all the pooled data vulnerable to attack. Our unique combination of database segregation, encryption and multi-level access control creates a level of security unmatched by any of our competitors.

What are the hardware and system requirements for iDentalSoft?

iDentalSoft is a browser-based software so you can access it from any internet-enabled device.

Can I access all of iDentalSoft's features from my mobile device?


Yes! iDentalSoft is responsive software, which means it can be easily used with any web-enabled device. Of particular importance is the ability for your practice to use tablets (iOS, Android, or Windows) in your operatories for perio charting, wireless radiography and patient treatments. This approach simplifies operatory room configuration and substantially cuts down on hardware costs and maintenance headaches.

Does iDentalSoft have charting support for pediatrics?

Yes, there are built-in pediatric periodontal charts.

Does iDentalSoft have Bridge technology?

Yes, iDentalSoft has integrated bridge support to many radiography systems, including BioPak, Cerec, Cliniview, DataGrabber, Dexis, EvaSoft, Florida Probe, Paterson Imaging , ProImage, ProMax 3D, ProfSuni, Sidexis XG, Trophy, Tscan, VixWin, XDR.

If your radiography system is not listed, please contact our support team. We will work with you to create the bridge.

Does iDentalSoft have integrated e-claims filing?

Yes, iDentalSoft has integrated support for filing electronic dental claims. After configuring your eClaim connection, iDentalSoft will transmit claims directly to your selected clearinghouse.

Can data be easily shared among different locations?

iDentalSoft was created with the Multi-Office Practice in mind. Data can be easily shared among different locations without the need for tedious and time-consuming redundant data entry. Using our powerful role and location based security settings, data access for different locations and providers can be configured however you like.