Quick to Set Up - Hassle Free Migration

iDentalSoft will seamlessly migrate data from any practice management platform, cloud or software. For either new or mature practice, iDentalSoft is designed to be friendly with intuitive workflow to provide ease of use, limit adoption concern, flexible for users and quickly proceed to office productivity. In case practice prefers more transitioning time, we are available to accommodate successfully transformed practice.

This user-friendly software requires minimal training and can be set up in minutes! The visually pleasing layout makes accessing everything so simple! 
— Shadan Shamloo, Vendor Product Manager

Easy to Use

From the moment you first log in to your new iDentalSoft account, you will be struck by the intuitive nature of the user interface, and will marvel at just how quickly you will go from novice to expert.

Most of our customers report to feeling completely fluent in the software and comfortable with the features within the first day of use.

If you are looking for something simple to use and easy to learn, look no further. iDentalSoft is a simple to use program with very low learning curve.
— Dr. Seung Han, DMD

Spend more time in your practice

You know it’s time for a change in how you manage your dental practice. You want to stop wasting time with administrative inefficiencies and expensive IT issues, and spend more time focusing on building your business and improving your patient care.

So let us help you take control of your data and manage your practice better and more easily than you’ve ever done before.

Easy to use with a short learning curve!
— Dr. Julie Hsieh, DDS