Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
The iDentalSoft Private Practice Cloud Advantage


What is a "private practice cloud" and why should you want one?
At this point, you've probably heard that "the cloud" is a better place to store your data than on the sort of closed system in-house server you're probably using right now, the kind that is a never-ending source of administrative hassles and punishing IT costs.

And that's totally true! But it's not the whole story.

Did you know that most cloud-based dental practice management systems dump your data in a shared, public database? That's like swimming in the community pool, where you have no control over who else is there and what contagions they may be bringing with them. Wouldn't you rather swim in the pristine waters of your own, private pool, where you and your data are safely isolated from all that?

A private cloud system gives you the best of all worlds: security, control, and freedom.

With iDentalSoft, you get an industry-first private cloud solution to streamline your practice and secure your data.

This means your data is housed in a private database: a standalone piece of hardware that contains only your information and is under your exclusive control.

Contrast this scenario to the one of a public, shared database, where data from multiple companies of all different types are pooled on one server.

Most cloud-based dental practice management softwares will combine your data with that of their other clients to reduce hosting costs. This is called public cloud hosting and it poses several intrinsic security risks.

First, the larger the public pool of data, the more appealing it is as a target of government monitoring or criminal attack.

Second, your data will remain on a shared database even after you discontinue using the service. This is because the cloud hosting company will not actually delete your data after you stop using the service, they'll simply change the access parameters so you can't get to it anymore (but someone else could).

So wait, I can be in the cloud and still keep my data in my office at the same time?
Yes! With iDentalSoft, your data is always housed in its own, private server. If you like, we can host it for you. But, since it's only your data on the server, you can also choose to house it in your own office, just like you're used to doing right now.

But if I keep the server in my own office, don't I lose all the advantages of the cloud?
Not at all! Any cloud, public or private, has the same benefits of mobility, accessibility, and scalability and will free you from the constant headaches of software updates and equipment configuration and maintenance that old-school server-based systems require.

So while the hardware itself will look exactly the same - a private cloud server is housed in the same type of PC as an intra-office server - it will function much, much differently. You will be responsible for the physical maintenance of this one piece of equipment, it's true. But all of the rest of the IT headaches of a traditional server-based system will just vanish. Plus you only need one server, whether you're a sole practitioner or ruling an empire of fifty thriving locations.

And then, if and when you're ready for someone else to take over safeguarding that precious cache of data, we can host it for you. It'll still be a private cloud, it'll just live in our office instead of yours.

It's a brave new world indeed.