Increase the Efficiency and Productivity of your Group Practice

Of course you want the best overall dental practice management system, and we think iDentalSoft is it. Remarkably easy and intuitive to use, and packed with a rich feature set, including anytime, anywhere, any platform access, smart scheduling, and native imaging capabilities, iDentalSoft is the complete solution for any practice.

DentalSoft was engineered specifically with the needs of the multi-office practice in mind.

The key to running a profitable multi-office practice is the ability to make sure that each office can both run independently and seamlessly integrate with the entire enterprise. Having different servers and/or software systems installed in each office will make your life needlessly complicated and your offices difficult to manage as a whole.

A centralized practice management system like iDentalSoft can increase the efficiency and productivity of your group practice by orders of magnitude. By making it easier for you to minimize time-wasting administrative busywork and maximize your ability to quickly spot revenue opportunities, iDentalSoft can have a meaningful positive impact on your bottom line. iDentalsoft is the ideal solution for your multi-office practice because it will help you manage all your locations and providers within the same system.

Key features:

  • One-Click, Hassle Free Location Set-Up: You can set up a new office with a few clicks, without needing any new servers and without wasting time re-entering any patient or treatment data that may be shared across locations.
  • Infinitely Scalable: Whether you are opening up a new office or acquiring an existing location, iDentalSoft can easily migrate any new data into your existing setup, with no limit on the total number of locations.
  • Control Your Data: You can customize data access based on role and location. This means that you can decide exactly what people can see, and from where. For example, you may want Dentist A in Office A to be able to access the patient charts, but not billing summary reports, of Office B. At the same time, you want to grant Dentist B access to both patient data and office metrics from both Office A and Office B. You may also want to make sure both Dentist A and Dentist B can access this data from home, but not from an unsecured wifi location (like the local Starbucks). Finally, you want to make sure that you, the proprietor, can access all data from anywhere you like. iDentalsoft makes this type of fine-tuned customization easy.
  • Understand Your Business: Generate customized reports across all your practices. See how Office A is doing overall, and in comparison to Office B. iDentalSoft gives you the tools to easily monitor how each piece of your entire enterprise is performing, which will help you spot under-performers or other problem areas quickly, giving you time to devise and implement fixes to minimize overall impact.
  • Manage Your Employees: Easily manage employees' time and schedules, even if they work in multiple locations.

iDentalSoft takes the stresses and hassles out of setting up and managing multiple locations and providers.