The Most Secure Dental Software

Not all cloud software companies are equal. Our unique private cloud approach offers the best of all worlds: security, control and freedom.  


Private cloud advantage

Did you know that most cloud-based dental practice management systems dump your data in a shared, public database? That's like swimming in the community pool, where you have no control over who else is there and what contagions they may be bringing with them. Wouldn't you rather swim in the pristine waters of your private pool, where you and your data are safely isolated from all that?

With iDentalSoft, you get an industry-first private cloud solution that streamlines your practice and secures your data.

What it means for you

With our private cloud, your data is housed in a private database: a standalone piece of hardware that contains only your information.

Contrast this scenario to the one of a public, shared database, where data from multiple dental practices of all different types are pooled on one server.

Most cloud-based dental practice management softwares will combine your data with that of their other clients to reduce hosting costs. This is called public cloud hosting and it poses several intrinsic security risks.

First, the larger the public pool of data, the more appealing it is as a target of criminal attack.

Second, your data will remain on a shared database even after you discontinue using the service. This is because the cloud hosting company will not actually delete your data after you stop using the service, they'll simply change the access parameters so you can't get to it anymore (but someone else could).